Introducing Olympe Finance Foundation.

2 min readJun 4, 2021


Following the transparency and popularity of DEX, we are introducing to the community our project called OLYMPE.

OLYMPE FINANCE FOUNDATION, is building an ecosystem where each user can exchange or buy their desired tokens from a single interface. Produce an open universe and decentralize coupled with a Ultra-fast automated market maker to be able to use the platform without any failure and weakness. By developing a flourishing ecosystem, our mission is to introduce this world which is still immature to the next wave of DeFi crypto users.

The idea is that by a rich and prosperous platform, we aim to make OLYMPE valuable and reward Olympians who believe in the project with innovative features continually being created.

Community first >>> Product emergence.

OLYMPE platform will be easy to interface with the basis of transparency, sharing, non-custodial, allowing users to use our platform more efficiently, powerful, and trustworthy to offer users the best possible experience, to maximize their income with the least tedious and annoying product possible.

We aim to create an one place solution to have an friendly ecosystem for all of us and to provide users their money power where every individual, whether beginner, first timer or advanced trader, can become financially independent with the lowest possible risk.

OLYMPE Ecosystem is an entry social platform for the inexperienced or low capital individual who wishes to enter the OLYMPE DeFi world.

The 7 Wonders of OLYMPE


At OLYMPE, the ecosystem will be continually evolving through ideas from the community. We want to produce a platform that will be developed under the ideas put forward by the community through the DAO OLYMPE Governance, so the people will use the OLYMPE platform/ecosystem with the best possible experience.

The OLYMPE team is an assemblage of high believers. We seek to create and achieve new innovative concepts for our Platform so that the habitants of Olympus can feel comfortable and discover new original and revolutionary features with stars in their eyes within our platform.

We want to create OLYMPE, the long-awaited platform that offers commanders a way to multiply their capital effectively with efficiency and practicality by increasing their assets under management of choices. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a less fees structure and produce a maximum profit opportunity.

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