OlympeFinance partners with NFT-LaunchPad.

Today, we are excited to announce that Olympe is teaming up with NFT-LaunchPad. The partnership is an important step towards ensuring NFT Market becomes a key product within the BSC ecosystem.

What is NFT-LaunchPad?
NFT-LaunchPad is a one stop solution for NFTs & Multi chain launchpad.
A dream come true. Innovation at its peak.

Currently, buying NFTs is not an easy task -

  • Unlike regular fungible tokens which may have thousands of buyers and sellers, every NFT transaction requires a single buyer and seller to be matched — which is a recipe for low liquidity.
  • Additionally, some of the most coveted NFTs are not affordable to the average investor — ownership in these becomes concentrated.
  • Due to all these reasons — NFT investment in its current form is inaccessible for many.

As part of our initial collaboration with NFT LaunchPad, All Olympe Project Collectible Cards can be bought / exchanged or sold on NFT-LaunchPad platforms. And to celebrate this celebration, The first collectable card will be offered to one of the community members of the 2 projects.

OlyMarket Cards, Each Cards is backed by a truly unique NFT and can be unpacked with $OLY tokens.

Additionally, the NFT-LaunchPad token will be listed in our platform and the community will be able to farm the token very soon!

Through this partnership, We will increase the accessibility of NFT MARKET PLACE to the masses. This will massively benefit the NFTs of the 2 projects on to further get a boost.

About NFT LaunchPad

What is NFT-LaunchPad?
NFT-LaunchPad is a one stop solution for NFTs & Multi chain launchpad.
A dream come true
Innovation at its peak.

Why NFT-Launchpad?
NFT-Launchpad has it’s own NFT market place where you can easily mint, buy and sell NFTs in 3 simple clicks (mint, approve & sell).
Multi chain Decentralized IDO platform that empowers good tier projects to raise initial cap and awareness through our launchpad. Launchpad eco system allows you to participate in upcoming sales by just holding certain amount of tokens according to Tier allocations.

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About OlympeFinance

OlympeFinance will be the most advanced decentralized finance (DeFi) platform ever developed. It will solve the problem users curently experience with accessing and using multiple decentralized exchanges and other DeFi solutions by giving users a single one solution.

We are empowered by gale-changing product and complex DeFi strategies, exploring cross chain interaction, powerful modules components, NFT trading cards, decentralized OwnerLand virtual reality platform and Gamified Games.

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